Thursday, March 25, 2004

If you are reading this then that means that you have the internet. You posses it. You have the power to make tenous connections between yourself and other human beings through miles of wire. You also expressed some interest in connecting yourself to us.

So behold, the power of that connection: a goofy picture of Melody and I, for all the world to share. Or at least a link to one (this cheap webhost won't let us waste their space with photo's and we're too cheap to pay them for it). Click the .Mac Homepage Link at the right.

The shady guy in the corner is named Evan. He just got back from Saudi Arabia, but his skin is always that color. Look forward to us organizing the pixels on your screen into patterns that resemble us, and hopefully the beauty and mystery of Indonesia.

Another glitch in this little site is that it wants to sign my name at the end of each post even if Melody wrote it. It seems that the blogging paradigm is set for single posters. So we will sign our names to our posts when we want you to know who wrote it.


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